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Autumn 2018 in pictures

Behind the scenes, creating the work.

Autumn is a time of year that instead of looking out, I look down.

You cant beat finding those first fallen multicoloured leaves, picking them up and bringing them home, to try to emulate in watercolours or oils.

Every year, along with my daughter, we go conker picking in the grounds of Delapre Abbey. In early years, we would stuff fistfuls of conkers in our pockets. Later this turned into a shopping bag, because we would find a fallen branch covered in lichen, or crispy leaves that also needed to come home.

This year, knowing we were not only on a conker picking outing, but also a still life project, we went armed with a heavy duty bag.

Below shows images of the photography session, sketch from the day and 3 new paintings soon to be available in the Autumn collection. Watch this space...

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